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St Arvans Meeting Rooms

St Arvans village is in Monmouthshire in South Wales, about two miles north of Chepstow on the A466 and within easy reach of Bristol, Cardiff and Newport.

The meeting rooms are for hire and are an ideal venue for evening or daytime classes, meetings, training courses, seminars, awaydays, small conferences, private celebrations, parties and other social events.

A table tennis table is available for recreational use. There is a projector screen.  

Table Tennis

Table tennis pic

Do you favour the Penhold, Shakehand or Seemiller grip?

Can you hit, loop, flick, smash, push, lob and chop?

As for spinning – that sounds like a way to keep warm!

What are we talking about?

Whifwhaf, Gossamer, Flimflam, Ping Pong of course!

St Arvans Meeting Rooms now has

a table tennis table and equipment


Table tennis is the most popular racket sport in

the world - it’s a game for everyone - challenge

your partner, neighbours, children, friends

Get the ball rolling (or spinning or pinging or flimflamming!)


1 hour 7 or buy 5 x 1 hour sessions for 30


Contact: Janet Anderton on 01291 625643 or






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